Thursday, October 11, 2007

Top 100 Talk Radio Hosts

Talkers magazine came out with what they call their "Heavy Hundred" which is a list of the top 100 radio hosts. The top 10 are:

1. Rush Limbaugh
2. Sean Hannity
3. Michael Savage
4. Dr. Laura Schlessinger
5. Ed Schultz
6. Opie and Anthony
7. Laura Ingraham
8. Mike Gallagher
9. Neal Boortz
10. Glenn Beck

The rest of the list can be found here

Some of my favorites are lower on the list, such as Jerry Doyle, Dave Ramsey, Lionel, John and Jeff, and George Noory. Bob and Tom are not on the list, but they should be. Ron and Fez are not listed either, but I think that their show is the best thing on XM Satellite Radio. I like comedy radio or radio with middle of the road politics rather than the extreme right programs like Rush Or Hannity.

My top 10 would be;

1. Ron and Fez
2. Bob and Tom
3. Opie and Anthony
4. Dave Ramsey
5. Jerry Doyle
6. George Noory
7. Bruce Williams
8. John and Jeff
9. Neal Boortz

Friday, October 05, 2007

No End in Sight

This is a great documentary by writer/director Charles Ferguson about the quagmire in Iraq. Some might think that this is another Michael Moore-type film with a left wing agenda but it is not. It seemed to be a non partisan view of a war started for all the wrong reasons. It tells about the incidents that have happened, especially starting after the fall of Baghdad in 2003, and why we are still involved in this battle. Some of the key things that are revealed have to do with inadequate US troop levels and the dismantling of the Iraqi military. Many of the former Iraqi soldiers have become the insurgents that are fighting against the American troops. The movie also tells of the arrogance of the Bush administration and how it was made up of primarily people with no combat experience. Those with experience, like Colin Powell, and other top military officials, were often ignored. Saddam Hussein and Iraq were not involved in 9-11, and there were no weapons of mass destruction. Nevertheless the invasion happened, but the big wigs who were behind launching the war did not anticipate it would be this difficult or take this long. There was widespread looting of Baghdad and priceless artifacts in museums were destroyed since there were inadeqate US troop levels to keep this from happening. There is a civil war going on there now between differing religious factions and whether we stay or go would not change that. The only criticism I would have of this film is that it did not cover the reasoning behind going to war and the ulterior motives of those in charge. It is no coincidence that Dick Cheney used to run Halliburton and they received the contract to oversee the Iraqi oil fields. The Bush family are key members of the Carlyle Group, which invests heavily in defense stocks which flourish during war time. No End in Sight is a must see film for everyone to see since many are oblivious to what is really happening. Toward the end it gives a staggering tally of the war costing our country well over one trillion dollars. It paints a bleak, but realistic portrait of a war started for all the wrong reasons by ignorant, selfish, greedy people who don't have a clue. It is a shame the American soldiers, who are truly heroes, are dying, and being damaged physically and/or mentally for this cause. Iraq is the Vietnam of the 21st century.