Friday, February 02, 2007

Political Commentary Regarding Iraq and the Direction of our Country

What are we doing in Iraq? The war has cost $363 BILLION DOLLARS at the time of this writing! The national debt is $8.7 TRILLION DOLLARS! What if you or I handled our personal finances the way our government handles theirs? Saddam Hussein was not behind 9-11. The people on the planes on 9-11 were Saudis. But the Bush family is close with the Saudi royal family and the Bin Laden family as well. We would not invade Saudi Arabia and Bush does not need to "find" Osama. He knows where he is. Weapons of mass destruction were not found. The Iraq war has become a quagmire that is the Vietnam of the 21st century. Bring the troops home and stop the killing! Remember almost 4 years ago (over 1400 days have passed), when Bush landed on the aircraft carrier with the banner behind him that declared "Mission accomplished"? What a dope! If it was accomplished then why are the troops still there? I am not anti-soldier in the least. Those in the military are America's heroes and they risk their lives for this country. The bravery and honor of our military is unparalleled. My dad was a pilot in the air force, my brother was in the army, and my other brother was in the air force for 20 years. I just hate to see American soldiers dying for an unjust cause. Over 3,000 have been killed and countless others have been maimed and/or they are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. It breaks my heart to think of all of the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, daughters and sons who have lost family members fighting in this unjust war. You may have seen the bumper sticker that says "I love my country but I fear my government." That's the way I feel. This is the best country in the world, but I have problems with the leadership. What gives us the right to go into another country, demolish it, and build it back up again the way we see fit? You say that Iraq is an evil empire and we are "spreading democracy"? There are evil empires all over the world led by brutal dictators just like Saddam was. Are we going to invade every country that does not agree with us? That's a long list-including Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, Cuba, and many more. People in Africa, Central and South America are struggling due to immoral leaders also. We have enough issues here at home without sending our young people around the world to die in a senseless war. Who made the United States the watchdog of the world? We're not even the biggest country. China and India have over 1 billion people. I wonder if the Katrina response would have been more effective if we had our military here instead of abroad. Let's focus on issues here and keep our noses out of the business of others. You don't see our neighbors to the north, Canada invading other countries and forcing them to think the way that they think. Do you think that our president would be leading this country if his father had not been there before him? Not a chance, he obviously does not have the intellect. Besides, he's just a figurehead, there are others behind the scenes who are really making the decisions. We have not been told the truth about 9-11, the meetings of the elite at Bohemian Grove in California every summer, the Skull and Bones club at Yale, the United Nations'agenda 21, and many other topics. This is not a republican vs. democrat issue. Whoever is in charge will take us toward the ultimate goal of an Orwellian new world order/one world government in which freedom will perish. The fear of terrorism has been a handy excuse for the current administration to erode our civil liberties.

Also for an eye-opening documentary on what really happened on 9-11, check out the video titled "Loose Change 2nd Edition." It is about 90 minutes long and it is something that all Americans should see. This is NOT "conspiracy theory" stuff. As you will see in the movie the claims made are factual. Not enough people know about what is really happening, and people need to open their eyes. The link is
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