Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The films of Michael Moore

If you want to see some thought provoking, excellent movies, check out these from Michael Moore;

  • Roger and Me This film put Michael Moore on the map. It told about how Moore's hometown of Flint, Michigan has been devastated economically by the closing of GM plants. In the movie, Moore tries to track down GM CEO Roger Smith and ask him about the rationale behind closing down the factories. It demonstrates how the ruthless business tycoons will do anything to increase profits, even if it means putting thousands out of work.
  • The Big One This film is the least prominent of Moore's works, but it has some great moments. Moore confronts Nike CEO Phil Knight and tries to find out why Nike employs underpaid, underage workers in Indonesia to make their shoes. It also deals with workers at Border's book stores forming a union to get better working conditions. Moore visits the factory where Payday candy bars are made to discuss recent layoffs.
  • Bowling for Columbine Moore won the Academy Award for this documentary which deals with violence in America and the NRA. It dealt with the Columbine High School shooting and asked the question-"why is there so much gun violence in America?" Moore compares America with Canada and it turns out that Canada has just as many guns, but has much fewer gun related deaths.
  • Fahrenheit 9-11 This brilliant work exposes many facts about the Bush administration and the war in Iraq that had been censored by the press previously. Moore talks about how the Bush family and the Bin Laden family have been friends and business partners for years. He also shines a light on how Bush and his buddies are profiting from the war in Iraq. The longer the war lasts, the more Bush profits, due to his investments in defense stocks. The band Megadeth has an album called "Killing is my business-and business is good". This could be the slogan of the Bush administration. The movie tells about how 9-11 acts as a tool used by the current administration to keep Americans living in fear. When people are scared, they will be much more willing to give up their liberties guaranteed by the constitution. Bush is willing to sacrifice the lives of American soldiers to further his agenda, which is deplorable. He calls himself a Christian? He's far from it, and as Michael Moore said in his Oscar speech-"Shame on you, mister Bush!" I couldn't agree more.

Also check out Moore's TV series The Awful Truth, now available on DVD. He also did a series called TV Nation.

For factual evidence of the claims made in Fahrenheit 9-11, check out

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