Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rock Star INXS

Executive producer Mark Burnett hoped to create another hit with Rock Star INXS for CBS, but he's come up short this time. CBS was counting on Rock Star to be their American Idol, but ratings have been disappointing. Burnett struck gold with Survivor and The Apprentice, and networks love reality shows since they're cheap to produce. Rock Star seeks to find a replacement for Michael Hutchence, the former lead singer for INXS, the Aussie pop group which had hits like "Devil Inside" and "New Sensation". CBS has done well ratings-wise with reality shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race and Big Brother. But they have had misses like The Will, Wickedly Perfect and the horrible "The Cut" with fashion maven Tommy Hilfiger. The catch phrase on "The Cut" uttered by Tommy Hilfiger when a contestant leaves the show was-"You're out of style". It's not exactly in the same category as"The tribe has spoken", or even Trump's "You're fired". When someone gets booted off Rock Star INXS, the phrase is-"Sorry, but you're just not right for our band, INXS." Sorry INXS, but you're just not right for CBS. Still the most watched broadcast network, CBS gets a large share of their viewers from their many hour dramas, like CSI, CSI Miami, Cold Case, Without a Trace and NCIS. Rock Star INXS had been airing 3 days per week on CBS. But due to low ratings, CBS is taking the show which had aired on Monday, and they are showing it on Sunday on their sister cable station, VH1.
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