Saturday, January 18, 2014

Showbiz trivia: Chuck Barris and Milton DeLugg

Chuck Barris was the host and producer of The Gong Show (1976-1980). This was an odd talent show where three celebrities would judge the contestants. If they liked the act, they would hit a large gong, signifying the end of the performance. If they did not get gonged before their act was over, the celebrity panel would rate the performers on a scale if 1 to 10. Barris was also the executive producer for The Dating Game (premiered in 1965), The Newlywed Game (premiered in 1966), and The $1.98 Beauty Show (1978-1980). The 2002 film, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind was about his life. The movie was based on a book by Barris that claimed that he was not only a TV maven, but also a hitman for the CIA. The bandleader for The Gong Show was Milton DeLugg. He also wrote the theme songs for many of Barris' shows. One obscure piece of trivia is that DeLugg was bandleader on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show from 1966-1967, after the tenure of Skitch Henderson and before Doc Severinsen.
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