Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Roth Show

If you're a fan of David Lee Roth and/or Van Halen, check out his You Tube program, The Roth Show. Most shows are 30 -45 minutes and they feature "Diamond Dave" talking about whatever is on his mind. He discusses his formative years growing up in New York and California. He discusses his brief radio career as the replacement for Howard Stern. He talks about Japan, where he has spent a lot of time, and how it differs from the United States. He talks about the making of various Van Halen songs and videos. Dave loves to talk (about himself especially) so this show is not for everyone, but no doubt he has lived an interesting life. He is very proud of his uncle Manny who owns a New York City haven for entertainers, Cafe Wha? When Van Halen released their most recent album a couple years ago, the guys performed in the venue which was popular in the 1960's with beatnik poets, comedians and musicians. Bob Dylan and Neil Diamond performed there early in their careers. Check out the show here.
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